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Candle Type Magnetic Separators

Working :
An Endless belt of magnetic candles is dipped in dirty coolant tank such that the dirty coolant enters in the core. Coolant flows slowly over the magnetic candles leaving the ferrous dirt on the candles. The belt is indexed to pull out dirt-laden candles & rotate them at top to remove the dirt. The dirt is then transported to a bin outside the tank.

Applications :
Suitable to handle fine ferrous dirt from large flows of coolant. Most useful in rolling, grinding, wire-drawing etc.

• Very Compact. Occupies less space leaving the tank free for maintenance.
• Occupies lesser dimension on top of the tank making it more suitable for cellar installations.
• Excellent collection efficiency. Can be made suitable for viscous fluids.
• Very smooth & silent operation.
• Runs on only one drive. Requires lesser power.
• Most Economic & cost effective.

Magnetic Separators

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