Centralized Coolant Filtration Systems

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Swarf Handling Systems

Swarf handling systems is what we call as the first line of defense. It handles the major quantum of dirt generated in the process.

Proper design of a swarf handling system will depend on various factors like

• Process that is generating the swarf
• Flow
• Type of fluid ( density / viscosity )
• Quantum of swarf to be handled in a day/shift

A proper deigned conveyor system will handle up to 99% of the incoming dirt thereby reducing the load on the finer filter.

We go a step further to compact the swarf in our briquetting machines which is useful in oil reclamation and easy disposal.

Confused! Don’t be! Call Us and we will help you select the right solution. 

True to our motto DISCUSS DESIGN DELIVER we custom design a solution to suit your specific needs.

Veeraja has Implemented hundreds of Custom-Built Swarf Handling System and Briquetting Systems for Applications like :

• Aluminum Machining
• Cast Iron Machining
• Steel Grinding
• Steel Honing

Centralized Filtration Systems

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