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Self Cleaning Filters

Self Cleaning filter holds multiple elements ( based on flow capacity ) housed in a pressure vessel. The dirty fluid enters from the bottom into the inner side of these elements. The dirt starts accumulating on the inner surface. This accumulated dirt increases the differential pressure, which is sensed by a pressure switch.

On reaching a set differential pressure an dedicated panel start the backwash cycle. A rotating arm, placed under the elements, connects the element opening to atmospheric pressure. As the complete housing is operating at a higher pressure, the fluid starts a reverse flow from outside to inside for that particular housing. This flow dislodges the accumulated dirt on the inner surface and that particular element is backwashed.

After a set time delay the backwash arm rotates to the next element. This countinues until all elements are backwashed. Various elements of filtration level upto 150 micron are available. Number of elements in the housing are decided on the process, flow and dirt load. 

Features :
• Completely automatic
• Robust design

Application :
• Roll coolant filtration system
• Cooling tower water filtration
• Water filtration system for Boiler feed
• Food processing etc.

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Cleaning Filters

Cleaning Filters

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