Paper Band Filters

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Eco Type Paper Band Filters

Working :
Fluid with dirt is exposed to finned magnetic separator first. After magnetic separation the fluid drops in paper band filter trough. A float-actuated clutch derives motion from a common drive & indexes dirty filter paper. 

Applications :
Suitable for fine coolant filtration for honing, grinding, lapping, gun drilling etc., for small individual machines.

Features :
• Very compact. Magnetic separator & band filter combination is accommodated within
• 150 mm above the tank top, reducing the floor area for same volume of tank.
• Band filter unit is mounted on rollers for ease of shifting during tank cleaning.
• Common drive for magnetic separator & paper band filter, makes it economic.
• No electrical panel hence reduced cost & maintenance.
• Dirty filter paper is wound on a mandrel for easy disposal while the dirt collected is stored in a bin.
• Absence of conveyer, shafts, rollers, makes it more maintenance friendly. 



Eco Type Paper Band Filters

Eco Type Paper Band Filters

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