Vacuum Filters

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Hydraulic Vacuum Filters

Working :
A perforated top vacuum chamber is placed at the bottom of dirty coolant tank. Machine outlet lets dirty coolant in this tank. A pump sucks coolant through filter paper laid on top of vacuum chamber, leaving dirt on filter paper. Pump suction generates vacuum increasing dirt layer thickness & hence finer filtration. 

After preset level of vacuum is reached, it is broken temporarily by opening actuated by-pass valve. Part of dirt-laden filter paper is pulled out to be replaced by fresh filter paper. Dirt is dumped in a bin while dirty filter paper is wound on a shaft. 

Applications :
Suitable for fine filtration of coolants used in grinding, honing, gun drilling & component washing applications.


Features :
Better filtration is achieved using lesser filter paper. This gives better quality at lesser operational cost. Can handle more viscous fluids. Totally automatic operation. Can be built as individual machine unit or centralized plant.


Hydraulic Vacuum Filters

Hydraulic Vacuum Filters

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