Pressure Filters

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Cartridge Type Pressure Filters

Working :
The dirty fluid is pushed in the filter housing under pressure. Filter elements of correct filtration rating are placed in the housing depending on the flow & other requirements. The ends of the filter elements are sealed so that the fluid is made to pass through the filter medium only, to leave the dirt on the filter medium. Generally the inlet & outlet are in one line. 

However the position of the inlet could be altered as per the requirement.

Applications :
• Variety of applications are possible depending on the requirement. such as filtration of hydraulic oils, lub oils, fuels, cutting fluids, coolants, washing fluids etc.
• Variety of filter elements are available depending on fluid to be handled (oils, water based fluids, chemically active fluids washing fluids etc.) dirt to be filtered (from 1 micron till very course mesh type strainers) & type of filtration (disposable elements & re-usable elements).
• The housings are sized depending on the application & rated flow requirement.(Housings of 1, 2, 4, 8, 14 & 24 elements are available.) Housings are designed for 10 bar pressure. These can be designed for higher pressures. The housings of verity of material of construction are supplied depending on the requirement.

Features :
These filters have some unique features making them maintenance friendly. Hinged bolts clamp lids. (Strap clamps are adapted on smaller housings.) Easy to operate lid lifting is for heavier lids. Bottom sealing surface for elements is away from filter housing keeping sedimented dirt away. This can be removed through the drain arrangement.

Pressure Filters

Pressure Filters

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