Paper Band Filters

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Compact Band Filters

Working :
In this filter the filter paper is held between a pair of sealing discs & a permeable support belt. Dirty fluid is dropped in the trough formed with filter paper at the bottom. The fluid passes through the filter paper leaving the dirt on it. The layer of dirt gathered on the filter paper achieves finer filtration. The filter is mounted directly on top of the tank, letting clean fluid in the tank. As the filter paper chokes, the fluid level above the filter paper rises.

This activates a level switch, starting a drive coupled to the rollers, supporting the permeable support belt. This ejects part of the dirty filter paper & dirt to bin, pulling in clean filter paper from the roll.

Applications :
Suitable for fine filtration of coolants used in grinding, honing, gun drilling & component washing applications.

Features :
• Forms deeper trough compared to a paper band filter. This requires lesser area for same fluid flow.
• Totally automatic operation.


Compact Band Filters

Compact Band Filters

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