Vacuum Filters

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Pneumatic Vacuum Filters

Working :
Vacuum filter body is placed at elevated height on clean fluid tank. Sealed cavity under filter paper is extended till low fluid level in the tank. A blower evacuates this cavity continuously. A conveyer belt in the vacuum filter supports filter paper.

A transfer pump lets dirty fluid above the filter paper. Vacuum under the filter paper sucks the fluid through, letting the dirt remain on top. Dirt layer formed on the filter paper facilitates finer filtration. After the filter paper is choked, level rise above it is sensed by a float switch, starting conveyer drive.

Applications :
Suitable for fine filtration of coolants used in rolling & wire drawing.

• Fine filtration is achieved using lesser filter paper. This gives better quality at lesser operational cost.
• Totally automatic operation. 

Pneumatic Vacuum Filters

Pneumatic Vacuum Filters

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