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Scraper Type Conveyors

Scraper Conveyer is a simplest device to handle course dirt in bulk. It can be designed in several forms: inserted in a machine tunnel or placed at the bottom of dirty fluid holding tank. It also can be used in combination with a verity of filtration / separation devices.

Wipers are attached to a moving chain placed in trough (tank) holding dirty cutting fluid. Sedimented course dirt is moved along with the wipers in a bin placed at one end of trough.

The sketch shows two basic types of conveyers. Type a is normally used in machine tools, in combination with a magnetic separator (optional) to handle finer magnetic dirt. Type B shows a scraper conveyer placed at dirty fluid holding tank, in combination with Up-flow drum filters (optional) to handle large quantity of non-magnetic dirt. 



Scraper Type Conveyors

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